Thursday, 4 April 2013

My layout in Scrapbooking Memories

Hi & welcome to my blog!

So I thought for my very first post I would share my excitement with you about having one of my layouts published in this months issue of Scrapbooking Memories magazine!! I can't post photos of my layout at this stage so if you have a copy of Vol 15 no 8, head to page 53 to see my double layout of my daughter's 2nd birthday (She's now 8, I'm a little behind in my scrapping!). This is the second time that I've had one of my layouts published & I must say I feel rather privileged to have my work in print! For many years I have gained inspiration from scrapbooking magazines & now my work is in there to inspire others.

So I want to encourage any scrapbookers out there who have never submitted their work for publication... Give it a go! You never know whether your style might be just what they're looking for! This issue of scrapbooking memories actually has a great article with tips on taking photos of your layouts & they are looking for submissions from newbies!

Well, I'm going to sit down with a cuppa & my Scrapbooking Memories magazine to gain some inspiration before I head to my scrapping desk!!

Happy scrapping!!


  1. Congrats on the pub! It's so very exciting! x

  2. Congrats Mandy! Your layout rocks and your work is really fantastic!!! Go you!!! :D

  3. Huge congrats is a lovely feeling to see your work in print! Lovely layouts here, great use of colour & design. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :)